Empowering the turbo market with precision castings

Engine containing turbocharger produced with precision components manufactured by Chamberlin plc

Turbocharger produced with precision components manufactured by Chamberlin plc

Market opportunity

In 2010 some 10% of petrol engines were turbocharged however, by 2015 approximately 80-90% of car petrol engines are expected to be turbocharged causing the existing market to grow by over 50%.

Why Chamberlin?

We are one of only four specialist foundries in Europe with the technical capability to develop and supply these castings.

What difference has this made?

This product has become a high growth area that currently represents 21% of Group sales.

Chamberlin have supplied castings into the diesel turbocharger market for over 10 years. Recent EU emissions legislation has resulted in the car makers needing to turbo charge petrol engines in order to meet the new standards. Chamberlin has been working with a large turbocharger manufacturer for the last two years to take a critical part of the turbo from design to full production. This work is ongoing and further products will go into production over the next 18 months.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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