Taking casting technology into new markets

Chairlift producing using casting technology developed by Chamberlin plc

Market Opportunity

Casting is the most cost effective method for forming complex metal shapes, and can be used to produce components previously made by forging or fabrication. A stairlift manufacturer approached Chamberlin to assist them in developing a cast solution to a key component of their core product.

Why Chamberlin?

Chamberlin has expertise in producing highly complex shapes with thin wall thicknesses for technically demanding applications. There are only a small number of foundries globally that have the technical capability to take such a complex component from design right through to production.

Component produced for stairlift using casting technology developed by Chamberlin plc

What difference has this made?

Chamberlin’s engineers worked with our client’s team to develop a very complex casting in a special grade of iron to replace an existing fabricated component. The resultant product is both stronger and more cost effective than the original fabrication.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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