Flexibility and innovative thinking brings new developments in industrial light fittings

Example of Emergency lighting/Hazardous environment lighting manufactured by Petrel, within Chamberlin plcMarket Opportunity

Lighting used in hazardous areas is often expensive to maintain or costly in terms of manufacturing downtime when maintenance is required.  The question ‘how many men does it take to change a light bulb’ can often have an expensive price tag attached to it.  Petrel were approached by a UK based sales organisation to help bring to market a bulkhead light fitting that they could provide to their customers with a 10 year guarantee.

Why Petrel?

Petrel’s experience in designing ATEX suitable light fittings, coupled with an extensive knowledge of hazardous area certification regulations, enabled clear advice to be given from  the initial design all the way through prototype to final production.  Petrel’s flexibility and willingness to consult is unrivalled within UK hazardous area lighting manufacturing sector and meant completion of the project in less than 6 months, including final product certification.

What difference has this made?

By removing maintenance requirements from the product, exact cost of ownership can now be determined, and planned maintenance on other aspects of production can proceed  without the need for expensive temporary lighting.  The new product provides key areas of production with certainty of both production and maintenance budget, at a lower cost of ownership than previous solutions.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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