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Chamberlin operates across 4 locations in the UK. The foundry Division specialises in technically demanding castings in complex shapes and in specialist metallurgies. Work is allocated across its three foundry sites based on size and metallurgy as follows:

  • Light casting technology for Chamberlin & Hill Castings Limited based in Walsall produces castings up to 5kg in grey iron;
  • Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd Machining Centre based in Walsall machines parts cast at the Walsall foundry;
  • Heavy casting technology for Russell Ductile Castings Limited based in Scunthorpe make 100kg and 6 tonnes castings again in a wide variety of iron grades.

The precision engineering business, Petrel Limited, supplies to regulated markets operating from a site in the West Midlands.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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