The Group aims to promote an environment which attracts, retains and motivates the highest calibre of employees within a structure that encourages their ongoing development.

Employment policy

The Group’s employment policy includes a commitment to the principles of equal opportunity for all, and specifically prohibits discrimination of every type.  Our policy is always to ensure that all persons are treated fairly irrespective of their colour, race, sex, sexual orientation, age or youth, religion, political beliefs, trade union membership or non-membership, marital and physical or mental status or any other factors including pregnancy and maternity.

In particular, Chamberlin plc gives full consideration to applications for employment from disabled persons where the requirements of the job can be adequately fulfilled by a disabled person.  We endeavour to provide those who have physical or mental disabilities with specific assistance, and arrangements are made to enable them to work for us wherever and whenever this is reasonably practical. We expect all employees to comply in every respect with the Chamberlin’s employment policies at all times.


Chamberlin plc aims to involve its employees in the activities of the business. Employees are informed of business performance via a number of routes including shopfloor visual performance charts,  management/employee briefings, dialogue with trade union representatives and health and safety meetings.

Training and development

Chamberlin plc recognises that the training of employees is important to the efficiency of the business and each employee’s welfare and safety.  Training is provided both internally and through external bodies and employees are supported and encouraged to gain relevant qualifications.

Promotion is encouraged within the organisation and it is Group policy to promote from within wherever this is appropriate.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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