Business Ethics

All Directors, managers and employees n at Chamberlin plc are required to exercise high standards of ethics and integrity in conducting the Group's business. Specifically they should adhere to both the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations. The Group applies these standards to all of its dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Whistleblowing policy

The Chamberlin's Board has adopted a Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure, to encourage employees to raise concerns about misconduct or malpractice, and to ensure that such concerns can be reviewed and considered fairly and properly.

Bribery Act

The Board has recently introduced formal anti-bribery policies and procedures to comply with the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010.

The Group values its reputation for ethical behaviour and for honesty and transparency. Its aim therefore is to limit its exposure to bribery by:

  • Setting out a clear anti-bribery policy;
  • Encouraging its employees to be vigilant and to report any suspicion of bribery;
  • Rigorously investigating instances of alleged bribery and assisting the police and other appropriate authorities in any resultant prosecution;
  • Taking firm and vigorous action against any individual(s) involved in bribery.

Published : Thursday, November 21, 2019 7:42 AM

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